Spectrum II Premier S2-900P

Developed for leading-edge fluid dispensing applications, the Spectrum™ II Premier, equipped with the IntelliJet® Jetting System, provides the latest technology in closed-loop process controls, vision targeting, and jetting

The Spectrum II Premier platform delivers precision, quality, and process controls for complex dispensing applications in semiconductor and mobile electronics packaging
Pre-configured with the IntelliJet system, the ideal jet for the smallest dots and lines, highest frequency, and simplest maintenance
Integrated Monocle™ Vision Package targets multiple dispense locations with an expansive, high-resolution field of view and 5-channels of independent light control
Key features are standard on the Premier system, like Fids-on-the-Fly™ and wafer programming software, non-contact laser height sensing, and substrate heating
The Premier delivers increased productivity for cutting-edge applications, such as wafer-level packaging, advanced camera module assembly, and underfill dispensing for high-density PCBs now and into the future